Greenland Minerals and Energy is positioned at the forefront of Greenland’s emerging minerals industry. Since 2007, the Company has been focused on delivering a world-class production center for specialty metals from the Ilimaussaq complex in south Greenland. Kvanefjeld is the first of several large-scale deposits to be delineated, and is widely recognized as one of the world’s largest resources of rare earth elements, as well as containing substantial resources of uranium and zinc. Managed by a first-class technical team, the feasibility studies on Kvanefjeld are now well-advanced, and Greenland Minerals and Energy is firmly placed to become one of the world’s largest and most cost-effective producers of specialty metals. Meanwhile, the search for new world-class mineral projects constantly continues. Welcome to the evolution. Project overall resource inventory: 1.01 billion tonnes containing 593 million pounds U3O8, 11.14 million tonnes TREO, 2.25 Mt zinc TREO includes 0.37 Mt heavy REO, 0.84 Mt yttrium oxide.

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