Diversity policy

  1. Introduction Greenland Minerals and Energy Limited (“the Company”) and its subsidiaries acknowledge the benefits to the Company and all stakeholders arising from employee and board diversity. The Company is committed to workplace diversity and to ensuring a diverse mix of skills and talent exists amongst its directors, senior management and employees, to enhance Company performance. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, diversity in gender, age, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds.

    To the extent practicable the Company will address the recommendations and guidance provided in the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

  2. Objectives
    • Creating a culture conducive to attracting and the appointment of employees, senior management and board candidates with skills best suited to the requirements of the Company.
    • Fostering a work environment that values and encourages contributions of employees from diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.
    • Appreciating and respecting the unique attributes that each individual contributes to the workplace.
    • Improve employment and career development opportunities for women.
    • Taking action to prevent and stop discrimination, bullying and harassment.

    The Diversity Policy does not impose on the Company, its directors, officers, agents or employee any obligation to engage in, or justification for engaging in, any conduct which is illegal or contrary to any anti-discrimination or equal employment opportunity legislation or laws in any State or Territory of Australia or of any foreign jurisdiction.

  3. The Board’s commitmentThe Board is committed to workplace diversity, with a particular focus on supporting the representation of women at senior level of the Company and on the board.

    The Board is responsible for developing measurable objectives and strategies to meet the objectives of the Diversity Policy (“Measurable Objectives”) and monitoring the progress of the Measurable Objectives through the monitoring, evaluation and reporting mechanisms listed below.

    The Board may also set Measurable Objectives for achieving gender diversity and monitoring their achievement.

  4. Strategies

    The Company’s diversity strategies include:

    • Recruiting, where possible from a diverse pool of candidates from diverse backgrounds, including employees, senior management and board positions.
    • Identifying specific factors to take account of in recruitment and selection processes to encourage diversity.
    • Ensure that employees, senior management and the board attend programs to increase awareness of issues in relation to the employment of staff from diverse backgrounds.
    • Developing a culture which takes account of domestic responsibilities of employees.
    • Any other strategies the Board or Remuneration Committee develops from time to time.
  5. Monitoring and evaluationThe Chairman will monitor the scope and currency of the Diversity Policy.

    The Managing Director and senior management of the Company are responsible for implementing and reporting on the Measurable Objectives to the Chairman and the Board. This will include:

    • Ensuring that clear reporting processes and procedures are in place regarding implementation of this policy.
    • Measuring the effectiveness of the Company’s selection process and other diversity initiatives.
    • Measure the effectiveness of the Company’s diversity education and training.
    • Actively monitor recruitment, promotions and staff turnover within the Company and communicate statistics to the Board with reference to the policy

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