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Greenland Minerals and Energy bags $10.25 million for rare earth project
Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd (ASX:GGG) has completed a strongly supported share placement to Asian and Australian institutional investors to raise $10.25 million.
24 November 2017
Mining Journal Update
THE CONSIDERED AND systematic approach by Greenland Minerals and Energy (ASX:GGG) to its unique and large-scale Kvanefjeld project is paying off as it approaches development. The first of three key assessments has just been approved for public consultation and GGG is finetuning processing and project optimisations to feed into an updated feasibility study next year.
21 November 2017
Key asset for the electric future
These include neodymium, praseodymium and dysprosium which are essential to high-powered permanent magnets used in the electric drive motors.
20 September 2017
Video: China to phase out internal combustion engine car – electrification movement surges, future rare earth supply more critical than ever
Rare Earth Investors watch Nasdaq video: Chinese governments push for electric vehicles
10 September 2017
Rare earth resurgence builds momentum on fundamentals
Rare earth element companies are booming again, due to supply cutbacks from the world’s biggest producers. Traders and consumers buying up REE supply. Clean energy economy continues to create demand on REE. Prices soaring as light rare earths ie: neodymium and praseodymium.
7 September 2017
Europe’s growth rate in offshore wind must triple to get Paris goals into reach
Offshore wind power installation rate in Europe to triple to meet Paris Agreement’s goal. Outlook further strengthens demand for key magnet metals – neodymium and praseodymium.
18 August 2017
Rare Earths: Tesla to use permanent magnet motors in Model 3 Long Range models
esla to use permanent (REE) magnet motors in Model 3 Long Range Models. The smaller size, higher torque and improved efficiency of permanent magnet motors compared to induction motors provide better acceleration, reduced vehicle weight, and longer range.
18 August 2017
Kvanefjeld on the cusp
2016 was a “transformative year” for Greenland Minerals and Energy
2 August 2017
RM Flashnote – Speculative Buy
Agreements were reached in respect to key aspects of the Feasibility Design including the location of tailings facilities, a water management plan and a dust modelling methodology. To date there do not appear to be any adverse flora or fauna impacts with low levels of radiation in the general vicinity of the proposed mining footprint.
27 July 2017
The company said in a statement that following detailed reviews conducted by the Government of Greenland (GoG), and its advisory groups in 2016, it was continuing to update the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Kvanefjeld Project through 2017.
20 July 2017
Resource Global Network – Greenland Feature
18 July 2017
Kvanefjeld – Europe’s Rare Earth Leader
On May 28-31, 2017, the picturesque Greek island of Santorini was the place to be for the European Rare-earth research and innovation community. More than 200 people took part in the 2nd Conference on European Rare Earth Resources, which was a joint organisation by the FP7 EURARE and the FP7 MC-ITN EREAN projects.
4 July 2017
IAEA head visits planned Greenland mine
Authorities in Greenland have carried out robust safety and security preparatory work for a possible rare earth and uranium mine, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director general Yukiya Amano noted during a visit to the country.
15 May 2017
IAEA Director General Visits Copenhagen and Greenland
IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano commended the authorities of Greenland for their robust safety and security preparatory work for a possible rare earth and uranium mine that is under consideration, during a visit this week.
12 May 2017
Shenghe takes 12.5% stake in GGG
Greenland Minerals and Energy, developers of the Kvanefjeld project in Southern Greenland, has been buoyed by confirmation a subsidiary of leading rare earths company Shenghe Resources Holdings Ltd (Shenghe) has invested $4.625 million to acquire a 12.5% stake, as a precursor to a more strategic relationship.
26 September 2016
Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd agrees to landmark strategic investment
Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd (ASX:GGG) will issue a 12.5% equity stake to a subsidiary of leading rare earth company Shenghe Resources Holding Co Ltd (SHA:600392), which has a market cap of over A$2.5 billion.
23 September 2016
Rare earth prices set to rise
International spot prices for rare-earth metals are rising amid moves by China to stockpile those key materials for high-tech consumer electronics and hybrid vehicles.
16 June 2016
Uranium price set for strong rebound
Uranium prices forecasted to double by 2018. Is this the bottom of the uranium market, and the negative sentiment that has followed uranium investors around despite strong fundamentals?
14 June 2016
Proactive Update – Arctic Forum
Greenland Govnt supports the company's development of the Kvanefjeld rare earth and uranium project in Greenland...Greenland has made significant advances to its regulatory framework in order to effectively manage the production and export of uranium.
20 May 2016
Greenland’s economic landscape reveals opportunities for foreign investors
Dr. John Mair interviewed by Foreign Direct Intelligence, firmly established as the world's premier publication for the business of globalization, foreign direct investment and the global insight from the Financial Times.
29 February 2016
Japanese restarts continue
29 February 2016
Greenland and Denmark confirm uranium agreements
3 February 2016
Uranium agreement benefits Greenland Minerals
22 January 2016
MINEX – Greenland Mineral Exploration Newsletter
GMEL is moving closer to full submission of documentation for an exploitation mining license application for its 100% owned Kvanefjeld/Kuannersuit project.
25 November 2015
Proactive Kvanefjeld Update
Refinery pilot plant activities at Kvanefjeld rare earths-uranium project complete. The trial for the refining process converts mineral concentrate produced by the concentrator circuit into a rare earth intermediate product – served to further de-risk the Greenland operation’s atmospheric leach circuit and confirmed the non-refractory nature of Kvanefjeld material with high extraction levels.
26 October 2015
Radiation management
23 September 2015
Greenland Minerals and Energy closes in on key Kvanefjeld assessments
11 August 2015
Massive Ore Reserve
GGG has defined a mighty initial JORC 2012 Ore Reserve of 108 million tonnes at 14,300ppm total rare earth oxides, 362ppm U3O8 and 2,600ppm zinc for its Kvanefjeld rare earth-uranium Project.
3 June 2015
Q&A with Managing Director -- John Mair
GME has reached a major milestone with the completion of a Feasibility Study that places the Kvanefjeld rare earth-uranium Project amongst the lowest cost producers after by product credits.
28 May 2015
New European Economy: Greenland Resources Feature
6 May 2015 - Let’s Mine Greenland, it could
The best possible source for the next batch of squirmy-electroned elements is Greenland. It will be difficult for China to continue to provide the world with an affordable supply of these indispensable rare earth elements. Bigger than Mexico, with a population that would barely fill Yankee Stadium. Just dig below the surface and you’ll find the Kvanefjeld deposits. Second only to China’s Bayan Obo deposit, they contain uranium and rare-earth-metal resources—2 million metric tons by a conservative estimate, enough to furnish us for at least a decade with the key ingredients for electric-car motors, clean-energy-generating wind turbines, rechargeable batteries, and lightweight alloys.
4 February 2015
Update on the 2015 outlook: MD John Mair talks with Proactive Investors
Greenland Minerals and Energy is progressing its Kvanefjeld uranium and rare earth project in Greenland through completion of feasibility studies, with the recent completion of engineering design work.
22 January 2015
Nuclear power and the environment (Danish)
Nuclear power and the environment
10 October 2014
Global X becomes substantial shareholder
29 August 2014
Greenland Energy and Minerals shares re-rated
29 August 2014
Multi Year Sponsorship Agreement with Kalaallit Nunaanni Qimussertartut Kattuffiat (KNQK)
GMEL is pleased to advise of the recent signing of a multi-year National Sponsorship Agreement (“NSA”) with KNQK. The sponsorship is for an initial three year period (2015-2018) and will contribute DKK260,000 per year towards the competition at both the existing competition level and to a newly formed youth training program.
9 July 2014
Blue Ocean Equities Updates Research on GMEL with Speculative Buy
Blue Ocean Equities, the Sydney-based boutique financial services group, has updated research on GMEL following the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with China’s NFC.
4 April 2014
Nuclear an important power source for Japan
25 February 2014
Nuclear essential for climate stability
Four eminent climate and energy scientists have issued a plea for world leaders to support the development and deployment of nuclear energy in an open letter that has achieved global coverage in news media.
4 November 2013
Northern Miner: Greenland’s status in resource sector grows
27 June 2013
Mineweb: New Greenland Government - clear agenda
27 June 2013
Kvanefjeld becomes government priority
The Australian-owned Kvanefjelds project in South Greenland, which must be broken rare earths - including the controversial uranium - given high priority of the new government in Greenland.
6 April 2013
Grønlands nye leder vil have gang i uranminerne
Det australsk- ejede Kvanefjelds-projekt i Sydgrønland, hvor der skal brydes sjældne jordarter – blandt andet det kontroversielle uran – får høj prioritet af det nye landsstyre i Grønland.
6 April 2013
Global implications of Greenland election outcome
ONLY 57,000 people live in Greenland, and little more than 30,000 of them turned out to vote in the country’s general election on March 12th. But the outcome of the ballot in the sparsely populated country may be felt by millions of people around the world. Greenland is sitting on an untapped export industry that, if exploited, could have an impact on the wallet of anyone buying a computer, television or refrigerator.
6 April 2013
New Mines Minister Sets Agenda (Danish)
Grønlands hidtidige nultolerancepolitik over for radioaktive stoffer bliver hurtigst muligt afløst af et nyt loft på 0,1 procent. Det lyder af lidt, men det er mere end nok til, at mineselskaber ikke bare kan udvinde sjældne jordartsmetaller, men også uran og thorium fra Kvanefjeld.
6 April 2013
Danish U-turn clears way for uranium mining in Greenland
A majority in the Danish parliament signalled their readiness to allow extraction and exports of uranium from Greenland, marking a historical shift in Danish foreign policy after 30 years of opposition to nuclear power.
29 January 2013
AUSTRALIAN MINING: The new frontier! Greenland is set to become the next mining frontier as its government moves to fast-track its controversial mining sector.
High-grade resources including zinc, lead, gold and uranium are being discovered in huge quantities and both mining companies and the Government of Greenland are committed to developing a mining industry in the region.
6 December 2012
World Nuclear News: Greenland pushes on with uranium policy
GME has welcomed promises by Greenland's parliament to fast-track necessary reviews so that the country's uranium policy can be finalised.
28 November 2012
World Nuclear Association – Uranium from Rare Earth Deposits
• A large amount of uranium is in rare earths deposits, and may be extracted as a by-product. • Higher uranium prices and geopolitical developments have enhanced the economic potential for recovering these.
28 November 2012
Nuclear Fuels News: GMEL to advance Kvanefjeld project in Greenland following political support
Greenland Government and all political parties to advance the Kvanefjeld project toward mine development.
27 November 2012
Greenland in unusual partnership with Australian mining company
22 November 2012
Arctic uranium thaw
22 November 2012
Grønland i usædvanligt parløb med australsk minefirma
(Danish Language)
22 November 2012
Greenland Minerals and Energy achieves full ownership of Kvanefjeld
Greenland Minerals and Energy (ASX: GGG) now holds a 100% of its Kvanefjeld multi-element project in Greenland following the settlement of the acquisition of the remaining 39%.
16 October 2012
Greenland's rare metals, super power geopolitics and espionage
30 September 2012
Greenland Minerals and Energy: Bell Potter sees a mammoth stir beneath the snow at Kvanefjeld
Greenland Minerals and Energy (ASX: GGG) has received a buy recommendation from Bell Potter with a twelve month price target of $2.32 - almost nearly seven times higher than the last trade of $0.34.
25 September 2012
NY Times -- A Melting Greenland Weighs Perils Against Potential
Part 2 of the NY Times articles regarding Greenland and GMEL. Part 3 to follow in due course. Greenland’s Unfrozen Future: Greenland’s receding ice has exposed vast deposits of valuable minerals and new opportunities for an island in economic decline.
23 September 2012
Vast new deposits of minerals and gems are being discovered as Greenland's massive ice cap recedes, forming the basis of a potentially lucrative mining industry.
23 September 2012
Greenland Minerals and Energy's investment in metallurgical test work paying off at Kvanefjeld
Investment in metallurgical developments continue to advance and de-risk the process flow-sheet. Highlights from the test work include: completed over 250 tests relating to the concentrator (beneficiation) circuit.
20 September 2012
GMEL has gained Quadrant Capital Advisors as a new substantial shareholder with a 5.01% interest.
Quadrant purchased around 20.9 million shares on-market for an all cash consideration.
19 September 2012
Greenland's Unfrozen Future: Greenland's receding ice has exposed vast deposits of valuable minerals and new opportunities for an island in economic decline.
A version of this article appeared in print on September 19, 2012, on page A1 of the New York edition with the headline: Race Is On as Ice Melt Reveals Arctic Treasures.
19 September 2012
Where Are The Non-Chinese Heavy Rare Earths Going To Come From And Who's Going To Buy Them?
Jack Lifton puts Greenland on the list of "Potential non-Chinese, near-term mining producers of HREE's in commercial quantities". Jack answers the question, “Why are Chinese rare-earth producers looking for rare-earth deposits outside of China?”... “it’s because that’s where the heavy rare earths are.”
16 September 2012
INVESTMENT ALERT Metallurgical developments lead to circuit simplification, improved metal resources, and reduced costs for Kvanefjeld multi-element project in Greenland
11 September 2012
Austria Market Letter buy recommendation for Greenland Minerals and Energy
Sonderausgabe International/3. Quartal 2012 Gold - Silber - Uran/Seltene Erden
10 September 2012
It's Game On for Rare Earths in Greenland: Rick Mills
28 August 2012
Greenland to expand into North America
15 August 2012
Greenland Minerals and Energy makes strides to produce high grade mineral concentrate
13 August 2012
The EU, Greenland’s Rare Earths, And China.
6 August 2012
INVESTMENT ALERT Greenland Minerals and Energy (“GMEL”) finalises full ownership of Kvanefjeld Multi-Element Project
6 August 2012
Greenland Minerals and Energy acquires remaining 39% interest in Kvanefjeld
6 August 2012
The EU Covets Greenland’s Rare Earths.
1 August 2012
The rare earth riches buried beneath Greenland's vast ice sheet
31 July 2012
Europe looks to open up Greenland for natural resources extraction
31 July 2012
Greenland's minerals loom in China-Denmark ties
16 June 2012
Greenland Minerals: Zone 3 Grows Kvanefjeld Project Resource Inventory to 575 Mlbs U3O8, 10.3 Mts Total Rare Earth Oxide
6 June 2012
Sermitsiaq - Greenland's Premier Kleist and Hilary Clinton meet, discuss rare earths
31 May 2012
Sonderausgabe - International zum HB Rohstoffe spezial
22 May 2012
verfasst von Marcel R. Ewald (Schweiz) am 17. Mai 2012
22 May 2012
World Nuclear Association updates on cost-competitive uranium production from Kvanefjeld
A pre-feasibility study indicates that a planned rare earth element and uranium project at Kvanefjeld in Greenland would be cost competitive with a mine life over 30 years.
7 May 2012
Rare Earth Elements Letter
the independent information and advice bulletin for Rare Earth Elements and related investments
21 March 2012
China to develop rare-earth based new materials
China will develop rare-earth-based new materials during the 2011-2015 period, in an effort to boost manufacturing capacity, according to a five-year plan for the new materials industry released on Wednesday.
23 February 2012
Asian, European Firms Circle Greenland Mining Project
Executive Director speaks with Wall Street Journal, Deal Journal, equity news in and about Australia. Production from Kvanefjeld is forecast to begin in early 2016, Mr. Mair says GMEL may also seek a secondary listing in future, likely tied to a significant capital raising. Toronto would be a natural place to list given investor interest from North America, although the company has also considered Hong Kong.
21 February 2012
China’s New Strategic Target: Arctic Minerals
18 January 2012
Arctic country touts for business in perth
6 January 2012
Angebotskrise im globalen Rohstoffgeschäft
24 December 2011
Rare Earth Elements Letter
the independent information and advice bulletin for Rare Earth Elements and related investments
5 December 2011
Greenland Metals to be included in ASX300
9 September 2011
Greenland Minerals is on Top of the World at Kvanefjeld
9 September 2011
S&P Includes GGG in ASX 300 Quarterly Rebalance of the S&P/ASX Indices
9 September 2011
Rare Earth Elements Letter
the independent information and advice bulletin for Rare Earth Elements and related investments
31 August 2011
China's rare-earth metals exports slide after Beijing tightened controls
CHINA'S exports of rare-earth metals in the first five months of the year fell 8.8 per cent from a year earlier, reflecting Beijing's success in tightening control over trade in the strategic ores and compounds.
22 June 2011
Technical Update - Mine Schedule, Beneficiation, Recoveries
21 June 2011
China To Set Up Strategic Reserve For Heavy Rare Earths -Sources
BEIJING (Dow Jones)--China plans to set up a strategic reserve for heavy rare earths in what would be another step towards protecting key resources and ensuring supplies for the domestic market, people with direct knowledge of the plan said.
1 June 2011
Brussels based publication The European Voice
28 April 2011
Barriers clear for GME to develop
27 April 2011
China Moves To Strengthen Grip Over Rare-Earth Metals
25 April 2011
China brings 11 rare earth mines under state control
23 April 2011
Kvanefjeld, rare earths projects and other mining projects discussed in Brussels-based
15 April 2011
S Korea joins race for rare earths
5 January 2011

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